1000PIP Climber System, a 100% Rule Based Forex System!

Some of you may be familiar with this type of system but we believe it was our duty to provide some insight into the workings and mechanics of this particular system and also a fair and honest review.

Automatic detection with entry, stop loss and take profit values

The 1000pip Climber Forex System is a state of the art algorithm, designed to make it as easy as possible to succeed at Forex. The Forex system continuously analyses the FX market, looking for potentially high probability price movements. Once identified the software will notify you visually, audibly, and via email. ALL key parameters are provided; entry price, take profit and stop loss. The Forex system is easy to set up and is designed to be followed 100% mechanically – just try the Forex system and see the results. This Forex system really is the simplest way to follow the FX market.

We believe the most captivating thing about this system is not the information you will read in this post but more so the actual price of it. Programs/systems like this go for thousands of dollars, and then charge you monthly subscription fees etc. This one however does not. This amazing program does not even cost $100, it actually costs less than that. Read on and you will find out the actual price shortly.

Exceptional Performance

Consistently strong results, day in, day out

The signals produced by the 1000pip Climber Forex system aim to be highly accurate and produce consistent results. Over three years, the Forex system would have achieved almost 20,000 pips with minimal draw down. The Forex system is perfect for short and long term outlooks, because signals are produced on the 15 minute, 1 hour and 4 hour time frames. The robot looks for potentially high probability price movements and can be used on 6 major currency pairs. If your looking for trading systems that work, then start using the software now and you could take a step towards FX success.

Easy to set up.... Easy to follow.... Easy to get results

Follow with confidence, no more guess work

The Forex algorithm we have developed is highly advanced and has been rigorously tested. The Forex system will provide you with clear and precise signals that are easy to follow. We use the system for our own Forex trading and whenever a signal is produced we enter a trade. For us, there is zero guess work involved and there is no uncertainty on when to trade. The robot does all the analytics for you and will give you clear entry, stop loss and take profit values. All you need to do is follow the Forex system. You remain fully in control of your trading account and can have the confidence in knowing you are following professional signals.

Easy to follow – Anywhere!

Visual, audio and email notification

Following the Forex system couldn't be easier. Once there is a signal, an alarm will sound and there will be a clear visual message on your screen detailing the; direction, entry price, stop loss and take profit target. There is no need to sit at your PC all day, just wait for the alarm to sound and then see what the signal is. In fact, there is no need to be anywhere near your PC! If you desire, you can set the system on your Forex charts to instantly email all the signal details straight to you. MT4 Push notifications are also possible. All signals are for pending orders (explained in the PDF guide), so there is no need to rush when following the system. The Forex system is designed to be used in an effortless and uncomplicated way. So why not get the system now and enjoy the benefits that Forex can bring.

Perfect for the beginners

Simple set up + Beginners Forex trading PDF

Setting up the Forex system is easy. The system uses a Forex 'Expert Advisor' that runs on MetaTrader MT4. Do not worry of you are unfamiliar with these terms, there is a video explaining everything step by step. We provide Forex systems that work so you can have confidence that you will get the system running easily. We will email all the information to you within 48 hours of purchase and along with the Forex system you will also receive a free 'beginners guide' to trading with detailed instructions on how to follow the 1000pip Climber robot. Get the software now and finally enjoy stress free Forex signals.

And of course no blog post referring to any product,system or service would be complete without a few customer reviews which you will find below:

" A great system, well executed"

I was able to install this without a problem at all. Since I started using it, I see that it sends about ten signals a day. Over the past few months, I have had gains steadily outweigh the losses. Whenever I ran into difficulties, Jim was there to help me out with any difficulties. Before I started using this, I always found currency trading to be a sort of intimidating thing to explore. With the tremendous amount of help available and the easy setup, I have really been able to utilize everything about it. - Eric Baker (US)

"A great service at very realistic price"

There is no such thing as a perfect system. Results and success only come from practice and education, understanding of the fundamentals. That having been said I have used this system continuously "as a tool" together with my own due diligence since 2016. Over that term it has assisted me in successful trading well beyond that which I could have imagined. It is in my view one of the best value for money systems out there and I highly recommend. Jim has always provided support when needed. - Gary (Australia)

"The best indicator for every trader!"

The signal is truly amazing, I'm getting back my loss one by one now. Highly effective, kudos!!! This will give you far starting point of signal, just be patient enough for the signal because when it hit the signal, sure Pips will flow. Happy to bump into this signal indicator and it's one time payment only. Thanks a lot 1000PCS, from Philippines here and super satisfied! - Mark (Philippines)

"Truly is a “set it and forget system"

I must say that , so far, I’m impressed. It truly is a “set it and forget it” system. It does produce a signal here or there that I don’t take but since I’ve been running it in demo mode there has only been winners. I’m all in and all out though at the 1st take profit goal... I’m going to run the remainder of this month and if still looks good I’ll go live in July. Thank you for making this available. - Terry (US)

To sum it up slightly the system provides the following:

High Performance Reliably targeted 20,000 pips over three years.

100% Rule Based Automated detection with; entry, stop loss and take profit.

Easy to set up Step by step video guide for installation and set up.

Easy to Follow - Anywhere Audio, visual and email signals as standard.

Full Support Available

We are with you all the way and will happily answer any questions.

Now we know that some of you may be quite sceptical about jumping on the Forex bandwagon but in all fairness so were we. For the cause however we have fully tested this robust system to see its full time potential and how it handles itself under pressure and can quite gracefully conclude that once inside the system our entire mindset changed pretty much from the get go.

The system is not just a passive income money making machine, it is actually an intellectual AI capable of intercepting signals on a level never before seen.

It notifies you whenever there is a risk or a change or a potential profit opportunity and to be quite honest through the investments we have made so far with this system we can quite happily advise you to not waste time and grab yours today. Time is money as they say.

Ahhh yes, almost thought we forgot didn`t you. So here it is...

The system provides you with a lifetime licence, can you believe it. If you set it up correctly then you will get that back in a matter of hours.

Lifetime license: For only $299 $97 you can have a lifetime licence to use the system. And yes that also means - There are NO monthly payments. How incredible is that.

So what are you waiting for is the question... ? Grab your copy HERE

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