20 tips on how to build a great MLM team.

Teaching Your Team To Get More Customers For Their Network Marketing Products Increases Their Confidence In The Business

Let’s be real. The number 1 goal of a new network marketing distributor is to get their investment money back. By teaching your new people how to get customers from the start, you help them get their first paycheck as soon as possible and accomplish that goal. Not only that, it also reassures them they made the right call when joining and that the business really works.

Teach people how to get their products for free and how to make £500 - £1000 per month first. If your people start making money from the beginning, even if it’s a few hundred dollars, they’ll be more inclined to keep going. Why would you stop doing something that makes you money?

Your team will also have an easier time recruiting. If you help them get 5-10 customers for their network marketing products before they try to recruit, they’ll have something to show for it.

Teaching Your Team To Get More Customers For Their MLM Products Improves The Stability And Growth Speed Of Your Business

Think about this: what if every member of your team had 5 to 10 loyal customers? Your business would grow much faster if all of your distributors knew how to get a few customers for their network marketing products each month. Do the math. If your distributor signed up with a £500 starter pack, and gets another £500 from customers, it literally doubles your volume.

They’ll also make enough money to get their products for free each month, so your team volume will be more stable as everyone will be using the products.

Think about a minimum number of MLM customers all distributors should strive for each month and make it a goal for your team. If your company doesn’t have an incentive for reaching a certain customer volume, do it yourself. Think of a gift or something you can give your distributors that work the hardest.

How To Build A Strong Team In Network Marketing

I’m going to go through 20 ways on how to build a strong team in network marketing, tips to help you build a monster network marketing team that is tough & ready to endure anything that may come it’s way. Please put these tips into practice daily!

#1 – Never Assume…

Never assume people want it as bad as you. Me and you will chase prospects till the end of the earth. You will keep recruiting until you die and you’d rather do nothing else than get MLM leads for your biz.

Not everyone will be that way, in fact, very few. Don’t treat them as if they are. If you do, you’ll drive them away and they’ll feel as if they don’t fit. This will drive them so far away until they quit. They will not come to conference and certainly won’t attend trainings because they’re embarrassed. This Will Teach You How To DRIVE Forward

Assuming People Want It As Bad As You Will Leave You Frustrated.

Building a strong team in network marketing is about you embracing everyone in their journey currently and supporting them. Until they tell you they’re ready, don’t until they are. They’re auto-ship is what create residual income for you!

#2 – Don’t Coach Without Permission

Way too often we like to hear ourselves talk. I think, with me, it’s about thinking I know more than others, so I want to help them. I want to help my people achieve goals and ambitions in their life. What’s the problem with that?

It’s plain rude to start giving network marketing advice to people on your team if they don’t ask. You’re not their mom or dad. If they want advice, they will ask. When you’re building a network marketing team or just trying to get MLM leads, remember this main point…

You Must ASK Permission To Coach Them

A lot of people are inside network marketing & on your team for a break. To have fun, to escape. Don’t you dare take that away from them by coaching the hell out of them. It will drive them and their auto-ship away from you.

Very Few People Truly Want To Be Coached. I Know It Seems Weird But It’s Truth.

This also applies when you are recruiting new people. This is why I always say you should never buy MLM leads. Buying them means you’re going to be on the phone with a random person who is already annoyed and has no interest in doing business with you.

#3 – Shower Love & Recognition

Ever notice the sheer ends of the earth most people will go just to have recognition. Did you know that most spouses don’t ever listen to their other half?

When Your Team Feels Love & Appreciation They Glow

This means, when you sacrifice and shower your team with love & recognition, they’ll almost never leave. Typically, it doesn’t matter how much or how little money they are making. Recognition and feeling like they’re a part of something is so important. Don’t overlook this huge strategy in mlm team building.

The Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give Is Praise.

A big residual benefit, if you can set your ego aside is, this will fill you up inside. It’s a proven fact that we don’t get fulfilled until we actually start giving. Giving your heart and raising others up is the biggest gift you could ever give.

#4 –Pull Your Team Towards You

This team building tip should be called, how to make mlm work right. Why? Because this explanation will give you selling advice for the ages. Remember, This Is A Volunteer Sport.

Don’t be the boss, leader that is always gripping and pointing fingers at your downline. After all, it’s a volunteer sport your team is playing. Instead pull them into action by the questions you ask. Pull them to have thoughts of making things happen because of asking specific questions. Create The Environment Of Love. Don’t Be A Dictator.

Then, the motivation isn’t coming from you, it’s coming from their brains. You never want to be the one who is pestering and pushing your team. Nobody likes to be demanded what to do. We all hate that. Don’t be that person.

#5 –Start Inspiring, Stop Motivating

I know this goes against all thinking but stop trying to motivate your network marketing team. Strong team building in mlm starts from inspiration. The only way to inspire is to watch the feet, not listen to the mouth. It’s All About Inspiration NOT Motivation.

You go out and recruit like crazy to show your team what is truly possible. When you show them, not tell them, they are inspired into action.

Get To Work & Inspire Your Network Marketing Team. Stop Trying To Motivate Them With Your Mouth.

Think about the crazy human miracles you hear about but then there’s a movie or you actually meet the guy. Everything comes to life and that crazy tingling comes down your back. I know, I understand that feeling. It’s just different. The is one of the best ways to get MLM leads and be great at network marketing!

#6 – Be A Team Builder Before You Have A Team

It’s always the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. I love listening to the greats in our industry like Bob Proctor & Earl Nightengale. One of the biggest network marketing tips I can give you is…

Find out who you want to become and model exactly what they do each day. Soon, you will become that person and have what they have. There is no other way it can happen. You become that person who has a big team and soon you’ll have a big network marketing team. Lead Your Team With Greatness

Write down on a piece of paper the things the biggest mlm earners in your company and what they do daily. What are they doing daily?

Build Your Network Marketing Team Like You’re Already A Top Earner. Build It & They Will Come.

Start doing exactly what they do and soon you’ll have a huge team. You can’t wait for a team to do what’s necessary or you’ll never achieve greatness in mlm. So don’t put all your focus on teams or getting leads for mlm and put some of that to learn what the pros are doing.

#7 –Teach To Teach

A lot of the time us network marketers love attention. We love being needed by our awesome mlm teams. This is one of the biggest mistakes we can make inside our network marketing company. You Want To Teach To Teach In Order To Create Duplication

Why? Because if we teach to teach, meaning we allow others to take the reins and lead, we can go to the beach and continue making money. If we have to have the attention 100% of the time, we’ll never have freedom. Duplication in network marketing is all about teaching others to teach!

Network Marketing Isn’t About How Much You Know. It’s About How Much Effective Information Can Be Taught By Others.

Teach your downline to teach. Don’t hog the spotlight because you’re building this network marketing team for freedom not to have another job!

#8 – Raise Others Up

A lot like the last subject but focus all of your energy around raising others up and making them feel amazing. If you make others feel awesome and incredible, they will want to be around you. If you take the spotlight and you’re all ego, people will not want to be around you. Raise Others Up Any Chance You Get.

More than that, they will quit your team and not be there anymore. When your recruiting for, with family and living life, get into the habit of making people feel better than before they came into contact with you.

Always keep that in mind whenever you are trying to get new MLM leads. So many people in and out of network marketing only invest in people that give back to them.

Your Recognition Or Ego Doesn’t Matter. Your Responsibility As A Leader Is To Raise People Up!

Selfish desires can only lead to destruction. Be better. Show the world how awesome you can be. Put hope in people’s lives whether they join you or not. You’ll be the one that gets the greatest gift!

#9 – Invest In YOU

If your not all you can be and continually investing in you, you can’t lead your family or your organization. You have to be physically, emotionally & spiritually healthy to be the best you can be. Who is really leading you?

Invest In Yourself To Bring More Value To Your Team

This isn’t about money. Of course, you can “invest” in courses and I suggest you do that. But you need to take the time to invest in understand and implementing what you learn. So many mlm strategies for network marketing success are out there but the problem with most of them is time.

You need to put the time in to think about it. To implement it for a time into your life & business. It’s taken a long time to get to where you’re currently sitting. It’s gonna take time for you to change.

People Don’t Buy Your Company Or Product. They Buy You. This Means The Greatest Investment Will Always Be In You. What Are You Doing To Raise Your Value?

Investing in you is continually gaining knowledge but taking the intentional energy to put that knowledge into action and focusing on change. This is the most critical piece of how to build a strong team in network marketing because your team is depending on you!

#10 – Team Mates Need To Qualify For Your Time

Seriously, they don’t all the sudden get your time just because they paid money to be on your team. That’s not how it works. Give Your Time To Those Who Deserve It.

Give Your Time To Those Who Qualify & Deserve Your Time Or You Will Have No Time Or Money.

This is the ultimate formula for MLM leads. Don’t just go around recruiting any Tom, Dick and Harry. Recruit like a CEO would hire an employee.

#11 – Pace Of The Team

Speed of the WHAT, speed of the pack? That’s right, the leader. If you want to go faster in your network marketing company you simply recruit more people. You get into massive action and your team will follow suit. Not at the same volume as you, but they will follow. The Pace Of Your Team Is Dependent Upon You.

Remember growing up and looking at your father. If you dad was lazy typically that meant you learned how to be lazy. If your dad was a work-a-holic, you work your butt off. You followed your leader. Make sure you follow the right leader in your life to give you what you actually want in life!

If You Want Your Team To Kill It, You Must Go A Little Bit Faster. They Will Follow A Fraction Of Your Same Intensity.

You’re the father figure for your team. You’re all they have. They are looking to you and probably will never be as good as you but they will certainly be better when you’re going fast. This is how you have success in mlm fast!

#12 – Focus On Their Dreams

Focus on your teams dreams. This is a trick about how to build a strong team in network marketing because your brain wants to fire out answers based on your desires. All That Matters Are Your Teams Dreams.

A great leader first asks many questions about desires, goals and why they are here. In fact, why are you reading this blog post? What are you looking to gain? Why are you spending your time here?

When You Know & Care About Your Network Marketing Teams Dreams, You’ve Got Their Heartbeat.

Just doing this simple action of listening puts you FAR above the rest of society. It puts you in a class by yourself. Spouses don’t even take the time to listen to their loved ones. Communication is about listening and responding. It has little to do with talking!

#13 – Have More Meetings

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? I don’t care if you’re recruiting MLM leads online or offline. If you have more meetings, you’ll make more money. If You’d Like To Make More Money Find A Way To Have More Meetings.

If you want to have a strong team that’s literally unbreakable, have more meetings and go to more conventions together.

If You Want To Make More Money, Put More Eyes On The Presentation.

This creates a pact that is unable to be broken. In it’s literal sense, this is where people come in. This is where the bonding of the business happens. Confidence happens to exude from every pore when you get together often and you’ll enroll more team members.

More meetings = more money!

#14 –Engage New Team Members

Spend time with your team members when they come on board with you. Ask them specific questions about their expectations, how much money they want to make and why they are trying to accomplish. MLM success looks so differently to so many other people. Engage New Team Members Quickly To Have Best Results.

Take the time to invest into your people. Listen to them. This way you can gauge their expectations. We quit things like businesses, college, marriages, jobs, etc. all because of false expectations. We have a false sense of expectations, we simply get discouraged.

Having Conversation With Your New Team Members Lets Them Know You Care.

By simply engaging your new team members, you can cut it off at the pass. In other words, you can let them know their expectations aren’t a reality. This will create more sticking power for your team!

#15 – Spend Less Than 1 Hour Per Week In Network Marketing Training

It’s easy to get into management mode with our teams. This creates a massive amount of stalling and lack of growth for your mlm team. You don’t want to do this.

No matter how big your network marketing team is, the money is made in the new people you bring on board. Stop getting in management mode and always keep a couple hours a day into getting new MLM leads, recruiting new people and talking to new potential team members.

Stop Training Your Team So Much. You Are Teaching Them How To Spend Their Time.

Remember that your team will do what you do, not what you say… This will create a solid foundation for long term network marketing success!

#16 – Give 1 Specific Message

What is your system within your team? What are your new people to do?

Duplication is created by a lot of people doing the same thing every day. That means it has to be simple. Make sure your team has a duplicatable system that is simple.

Using this customized recruiting system you get MLM targeted leads for your business. These are the leads that will ultimately be your champs one day.

When You Say 2 Things, You Really Give No Direction At All.

They are the ones that will allow you to sit at the beach and make money all day long! Invest in them. And these are the people you never get if you buy MLM leads.

#17 – Unite Your Leaders

If you want massive success in network marketing, you must unite your leaders. Your leaders must be on the same page.

Spend Time Bringing Your Leaders To Sing 1 Message. Confusion Creates The Lack Of Movement.

Have your leaders stay together after your meetings, online & offline. This also allows you to inspire people to get into that group. Once they’re able to be in that meeting and with those people, they feel special!

#18 – Protect Your Time

This may be the most critical thing you ever do. Your time is all you have. You must protect your time if you’re to build a strong team in network marketing. It’s essential. Protect Your Time Like Your Life Depends On It Because It Does.

We’ve got to look at what’s most important for your team. It’s simple. Recruiting, inspiration. Even if you don’t hold training, you’ve got to understand you must only work with those who are doing. You’ve got to spend time with the runners.

You have to continue to recruit. You’ve got to continue to hold an example of excellence. You have to keep that up. Protecting your time and not allowing others to penetrate it is a huge network marketing tip you don’t want to violate.

Your Time Is Your Greatest Asset. Don’t Give It Away!

Once you make an example of other people using your time badly, everyone will do it. Create the habit of protecting your time and continue to recruit new people into your mlm organization.

#19 – Stop Striving For Recognition

Recognition isn’t for you. If you continue to strive for it, you’ll continue taking it away from your team mates. For network marketing team building success, you need to be one lifting your team mates up. Don’t Take The Spotlight, You’ll Steal Your Teams Momentum.

Allow them to get the recognition that you give instead of taking it. (Love You)

#20 – Use The “Take-Away” Card

We kinda went through this before but stop pushing your team. Instead use take aways to motivate them into action.

Like… It’s cool not to hit this bonus but we’ll have fun in Fiji without you. It’s not mean, you just take it away from them. Same thing when recruiting.

Stop Pushing For Your Own Recognition. Fight For Your Team & Your Recognition Will Come.

Taking it away from people automatically makes them want it that much worse. They will come crawling back to you to join your network marketing company!

In conclusion i want to leave you with one last piece of advise, the above information is to be used at your leisure but most importantly it is to help you create a solid team which will work for you and help your business grow.

Build your team strong and hungry, just like you, when they see the success they will want the success. Good luck and i hope this helps you move forward.

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