7 Rules To Win At Life

1 - Do not COMPARE yourself to OTHERS.

Everyone's journey is their own and although you may see their success you can not see the hardship and pitfalls that they have experienced throughout their journey.

Don`t pay as much attention to their face value results and focus more on their times of difficulty which they have overcome so that they can show the results you see.

Success is a byproduct of hard work, determination and perseverance. Not a result of Netflix and chilling as some of you may think.


Every failure should be seen as an opportunity to learn how to do something better in your next attempt. It is not final and it is not defining.

A failure in time is an lesson from which you could learn how to become better at what you are trying to achieve.

Failure is a vital part of every process, the moment you learn to embrace Failure is the moment you learn how to overcome it and turn it into a fuel which will propel you forward towards success.

3 - Make PEACE with Your PAST, Let it GO.

Mistakes are vital in any person`s life as they are also seen as life lessons. No one is perfect and neither are you.

Your past should never define your future. Let bygones be bygones and move forward in life or you will forever be living in your past with no chance to ever make anything more of yourself than what you were yesterday.

Success does not follow those who do not see themselves as successful.


Every successful person has a routine they use in their day to day.

If you truly want to be successful then create a routine that will help your future self succeed quicker by having that successful mindset which is a fundamental building block to achieving your goal.

It`s quite simple, If you stay positive then good things will happen in your future, if not then…. You guessed it.

5 - If YOU don`t GO after IT, YOU won`t have IT.

Determination and perseverance are the two main factors that will help you the most whenever you have a goal in your sights.

You have to try and always keep that goal locked into your mind and do anything it is you have to to reach that goal.

If you don`t push your own limits and chase your dream then I assure you it will always stay out of reach.

6 - EARN, SAVE and INVEST, Before YOU spend it.

In layman's terms - Don`t spend money you don`t have especially if it is on things you don`t need to please people you don`t care about.

What you EARN should SAVE you time so that you can INVEST it back into yourself or INVEST it into something which would help generate you more MONEY whether that is in passive income or re-curring income.

EARN, SAVE and INVEST wisely. DON`T INVEST your EARNINGS into something which promises to SAVE you money.

7 - AVOID Negative PEOPLE, LIFE is too short.

The old saying - Surround yourself with the right people if you want to become one of them comes to mind here and that is precisely what this rule is all about.

If you surround yourself with 6 other successful people than you will be the 7th.

If you surround yourself with 6 other people who fail then you will be the 7th.

At any cost you should do what you can to avoid negativity in your life as it will always bring you down and inevitably end up destroying your dreams or any chance at success you may have.

Pretty simple but at the time time these are 7 of the most effective rules that if followed closely can also be extremely beneficial to all of you.

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