Affiliate Marketing vs Content Commerce

Understanding the principle of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not complicated at its core.

For some it may be confusing but hopefully this presentation can help clarify and outline some significant factors which will outline exactly what it is you are dealing with if you have just come across Affiliate Marketing and want to know more about it.

In all its essence Affiliate Marketing is nothing more than advertising a product or service for a company and getting paid a % commission of each sale whenever a sale is made for the referral of that client.

Affiliate Marketing - The Product

There is a huge variety of products and services out there which you can become an affiliate for whether that be in the Wellness sector or the Relationship field or even in the MMO (making money online) niche.

Depending on the structure of the product or service you are an affiliate for will depend on whether it would be a one time sale, a low ticket or high ticket sale or a recurring income opportunity.

Every company has its own infrastructure when it comes to its products hence why some affiliates go for products or services which have a low ticket sale on the front end and a high ticket sale on the back end, both of which brings them commissions from either sale.

Affiliate Marketing - Behind the Scenes
  • 20-65% average commission

  • Traffic is driven away from your site

  • Readers do not return to your site

  • You don't get access to data

Affiliate marketing has been the standard approach to monetizing digital media. However, the customer journey ends on the affiliate site, which means you lose readers and traffic. Commissions are usually significantly lower and you become dependent on third parties.

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Understanding the principle of Content Commerce

At the most basic level, content commerce is the process of obtaining revenue from Your digital content, whatever form that content comes in (book, music, video, newsletter, picture, etc.).

In many ways, content commerce goes beyond the traditional idea of ecommerce, or the buying and selling of products or services over the internet.

Apps are the perfect example of content commerce at work. In fact, some point to the proliferation of apps and tablets as the revenue jump-start many creators so desperately need.

For instance, let’s look at a magazine subscription. While browsing a digital magazine, you may see a “tap here to purchase” button hovering over the latest best-seller review. Publishers can slip advertisements right into their content that way.

Content Commerce - Behind the Scenes
  • 80-100% average commission

  • Readers convert directly on your site

  • All traffic is kept on your site or app

  • You receive the entire customer data

Keep your traffic – the purchase happens onsite. The average commission level is around 20%, exceeding affiliate rates by 5X. You can create a unique reader experience by only selling items that align with your brand and values.

Content Commerce v eCommerce

Electronic commerce (ecommerce) content is the material that is created to attract potential customers over an electronic network.

Ecommerce content includes tutorials, social media, user-made posts, product descriptions, and blog posts.

To break it down to the basics content commerce is designed to attract the most likely potential clientele to your business by focusing on their needs and preferences.

The graph below will show you how likely customers would be to buy from you instead of other content providers.

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