Best tips if you are looking for a career in MLM!

Before we begin we want to make you aware of a few key things that you should try and keep in mind which will help you concentrate on what is more important.

Don`t focus too much on recruiting, here is why:

Let’s face it: most distributors quit within 90 days of joining, for a great number of reasons that we are not gonna get into right now, but mostly because they’re not getting the results they were expecting.

What that means for your business is that instead of spending your time training a few select people that really want to build strong businesses, you spend your time continuously replacing the people that have quit. It’s like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. It also means that instead of building a stable business that constantly grows, your volume goes up and down each month.

Customers on the other hand, are easier to keep than distributors. As long as you product does what you said it does and you provide proper customer service, people are gonna buy from you and are gonna reorder. There is a huge demand for good quality products, and network marketing companies have that.

Most people don’t make buying decisions on price alone, but on the value they receive for they money they pay, so getting customers for your MLM products is easy as long as you provide that value. That’s why it’s imperative that you team up with a MLM company that has great products at fair prices.

Make More Money By Focusing On Getting Retail

Customers For Your Products

There’s a lot of profit to be made from selling your network marketing products as the margins for customer sales are great. In average, you can earn about 30% on each product your customers buy. This means that if you’re not building a solid customer base for your MLM products, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Also worth mentioning is that up to a certain point, in most compensation plans, you’ll make far more money by having customers than by having the same amount of distributors. Percentually, the commissions from customer retail sales in network marketing are way higher than the ones earned from your team’s volume, because companies try to incentivise distributors to get more customers. Your team’s volume needs to be very high in order to compensate for that and, in the early stages of your business, it won’t be.

Let’s talk numbers using the average numbers in the industry. For example, in a company that pays 30% on customer sales, on a total volume of £10 000 you’d earn £3 000. But if that £10 000 was instead team volume, it would usually qualify you to a rank where you’d get about £1000 to £1500, considering the average compensation plan out there. That’s half of what you’d make on customer sales! Feel free to do the math on your own compensation plan and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, as you rank higher and higher, those percentages change, volume increases, and you get paid more and more on team volume, but that’s further down the road. In the beginning, the real money in MLM is in getting customers for your products!

Get Results Easier And Faster In Your Network Marketing Business

Getting customers for your network marketing products is way easier than recruiting distributors. Most people vent about being their own boss and starting a business, but they’re not really ready for it. When it comes to taking risks, investing time, money, energy and taking on the responsibilities that come along with being a business owner, few are actually willing to do it. Others already have business ventures and they don’t want to add another thing on their plate. And so on. Basically, about 90% of people won’t join your business, for a variety of different reasons. But a lot of them may like or need your products and could become loyal customers.

You can also take into account that the commitment of buying a product is way smaller than the commitment of starting a business. For some, the products will be the door opener to eventually becoming business builders, as time goes by and they get to know you and the products better.

Having a product first approach is also a great way of sorting your prospects. If the products don’t make sense neither will the business!

That is why it is absolutely essential you know everything there is to know about your products inside and out.

Get Even More Customers For Your MLM Products Via Referrals

Let’s not forget that happy customers bring referrals. It is easy for 10-20 satisfied customers to turn into 40-50 as they talk about their results with your products to others. And people do talk about products they love. You do it, We do it, everyone does it. We’ve been doing it all our lives. As a matter of fact, you should ask your customers to do it and even incentivise them to do so. We’ll talk about that too, a bit later. Guerilla marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your products using customers of yours who have had the chance to experience and use the products themselves. In a sense they actually become your sales team.

The Sales Process In MLM Has Become Easier And Even Automated

If you really want to be an entrepreneur and build a successful business, get that out of your head as soon as possible. Without sales, there is no business and entrepreneurship. Every single business in this world makes its money by selling a product or service to customers. There is no other way. Selling makes the world go ‘round.

Besides, a lot of people think of sales as trying to push someone into buying something they don’t need or want. That’s far from the truth and that kind of opportunistic attitude doesn’t get the seller very far. Sales professionals listen more than they talk. They ask their prospects questions, identify their needs and desires, and they help them choose the right products that would benefit them the most.

And here’s some good news – you don’t even have to be that good at selling anymore. As technology gets better and better, companies have started to introduce automated systems that take the customer through the selling process for you, from presenting the products to delivering the products at their door, and all you have to do is to guide people to that system, whether it’s an online platform or a mobile app.


First thing’s first – if you want to be successful in network marketing, you need to become your best customer. By using your products consistently you’ll feel their effects first hand and increase your confidence in promoting them. But the most important part is that people will see you using the products and they’ll see the changes in you. You’ll be able to create your personal product story and you need to be a product of the product if you want people to believe it. Remember, facts tell – stories sell!

Now, there’s a lot to be said when it comes to finding customers for network marketing products. The market can be split into two categories. There’s your Warm Market – people you know, and there’s the Cold Market – people you don’t know.


Let’s talk about your warm market first. There are different categories of people that comprise your warm market. These are usually people you know, ones you can talk to easily and can count on.

Your HOT MARKET Is The Best Source Of Network Marketing Customers

The first and easiest source to tap into is your Hot Market. What’s that, you ask? Well if your Warm Market is made out of people you know well enough to easily start a conversation with, the people in your Hot Market are those you are super close with – your best friends and family members.

Three reasons you should go for your Hot Market first: one – if you know you have a great product, wouldn’t you want your closest people to benefit from it as soon as possible? Second, they’re the people you’re most comfortable talking to, and that’s huge when you’re just starting as it takes the pressure away, especially if you’re new to network marketing. Third, they’re the ones most likely to support in your endeavours.

It’s important to act naturally when approaching your Hot Market. Use the same words you usually do and use the same way you usually do to communicate. If you usually text with someone, approach them by texting. If you usually call, call them.

How To Approach Your HOT MARKET By Phone

Sample Hot Market approach script :

Hi John! Listen, I just started a new business and I would like your help. I have a product that I really like and I need somebody that I know and trust that will try the product for me and give me some feedback, which will really help me. Would you buy one <case/bottle/pack> of the product and use it for the next 30 days and give me your feedback? I’d really appreciate it. Can I count on you?”

At this point, they’ll usually ask how much the product costs.

It costs <X> punds including shipping. I’m not asking you to be a long term customer. I just want you to use it once. If you love it, fantastic, I could show you how to get it beyond 30 days, and if you don’t love it I’m not gonna bother you again, I’m just gonna appreciate you for your help. Will you help me with that?

How To Approach Your HOT MARKET By Text

Sample Hot Market SMS Script:

Text 1: “Hi Uncle Fred. I just started a business and could really use your help – it’s very simple. Text me back so I can give you some details. Thanks!

Text 2: (When they respond): “I need 10 trial consumers to give me feedback on my product – a high end <nutritional supplement>. I would like you to buy 1 <bottle/pack/case/box> and use it every day for 30 days – your honest feedback can help me market it more successfully. It’s <XXX> Pounds including shipping. Can I count on you to be one of my 10? Let me know. Thanks!

If you haven’t just started the business, customise the scripts: “I need some help for my business – it’s very simple.

If you already talked to them: “Listen, I know I’ve talked to you about the business before and I’m not trying to recruit you, but I need your help.

Have your new teammates do this as part of your fast start training, both them and you will be amazed of the results!

The Rest Of Your WARM MARKET – A Great Source Of MLM Customers

Here’s the part where you use one of those two lists we werr=e talking about earlier – the one with the people you know would make great customers for your network marketing products, people that need your product or are already using the type of products you’re promoting and could switch to your brand. The approaches differ too, depending on the type of people you’re talking to.

How To Approach Your WARM MARKET

Contacts By Call Or Text

There are multiple ways and scripts you can use to raise an interest in your product or service when it comes to your Warm Market. One of the simplest ways of approach would be to just call or text them and set up a meeting to show them your products. You can use both a direct or an indirect approach.

Let’s say your product is a nutritional supplement. You could call or text Joe and approach him directly by saying:

Hey Joe, what’s up? Listen, I know you’re passionate about living healthy and using great quality products and all. I have some top notch natural supplements that I think you’d like, when can we get together for coffee so that I can give you some details about them? If you like them, great, if not, no problem, at least we had coffee together!

Indirect approaches usually meet with a lower level of resistance because the focus is not on the person and them committing to anything. An example of an indirect approach would be:

Hey Joe, what’s up? Listen, I know you’re all about going to the gym, keeping in shape and using top quality vitamins and so on… I wanted to ask you a favor. I’ve recently started a natural supplement business and you’ve used a lot of different brands. I’d like to meet for coffee and show you what I have so that I can get your honest opinion on the products. And, who knows, maybe you can put me in touch with some people that could be interested in trying them. What’s a good time for us to meet?

It’s as simple as that. Don’t over-complicate it. If you feel like you’d be bothering them, that’s the first sign your mindset isn’t in the right place.

Word of caution: When you’re talking to people that have a certain need or problem that your product could help with, like health issues, weight issues and so on, there’s one thing I need to stress out, that I see done wrong almost daily!

Be careful with product claims! You can get yourself and the company in a lot of legal trouble! Don’t go around saying your network marketing products can cure diseases and stuff like that, unless your product is certified to do it. To be on the safe side, always use the same language used by the company in official videos or other materials. If the company says a product MAY HELP lower blood pressure, don’t say it CAN or WILL lower blood pressure. Stick to the company’s language, they know better!

Oh! And never – and we mean NEVER – tell someone to stop taking their meds and replace them with your product! We don’t even want to think about the repercussions! Better yet, offer to send them information on the products and encourage them to take it to their doctors to make sure it’s OK for them. You may lose a few customers that way, as some doctors are against anything other than pharmaceutical drugs, but you’ll gain way more credibility with your customers when their doctors approve the products. You want them to be confident when purchasing your product, otherwise they won’t use it.

How To Approach People With Health Issues Your Products Could Help With

Maybe your friend’s mom has high blood pressure or your accountant should lose some weight. Reach out to them and say:

Hey listen, I know you’re taking all those pills for high blood pressure every day… I just came across some natural products that may help keep it in check better and I thought “wow, Jane would sure like to know more about these!”. Would you like me to send you an email with some details so that you can check them out? Maybe you can even forward it to your doctor and get his opinion! If it all checks out and you think they’ll be good for you I can show you how to get them.

Again, simple. No pushing, no hard selling. All you’re doing is offering to help, offering to guide them to information that may provide a solution to their problem. People are grateful for that and will appreciate you for thinking of them.

How To Attract Customers For Your MLM Products By Giving Away Samples

If you have great products that are known to provide fast results, giving away free samples is a one of the most powerful ways to get more customers for your network marketing products.

Word of caution: don’t just start passing around samples to everyone, as you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. Give your samples only to your best prospects, people that you know for a fact are using that kind of products. Remember, the key to a successful and efficient marketing business is to know who your target customer is.

Most companies have samples available. Some even have done-for-you trial packs. If yours doesn’t, don’t worry, you can create your own. Use zip-lock bags or whatever is appropriate and put in enough product to last for 5 or 7 days or whatever time period you know it takes for someone to feel the effect of using it. Then hand them out to the right people.

Sample Give-Away Script For Network Marketing Products

You can say: “Would you do me a favor? I just started a new cosmetics business and I know you love using top quality products. If I gave you 7 days worth of free products, would you use them every day and give me your honest opinion on them?

If possible, have them use the first sample right then and there so you can walk them through the how to’s. Some people forget about the products as soon as they get home because life happens, and your samples end up in a drawer somewhere and never used. Having them use it on the spot assures they’ve already had their first experience with the product and it sticks in their mind.

Call them 2-3 days later to make sure they’re still using the product daily. If they’re enthusiastic about their results, tell them that when you’ll meet for coffee after the 7 days you’ll also show them how to get the product on a discount or even for free. That will increase their excitement and they’ll be looking forward to your meeting.


The cold market is comprised of people you don’t know… yet. If you want to build a global business, chances are you’ll eventually end up doing business with people you don’t know. And that’s a great thing! We`ve met some of my best friends through this business and through networking and let us tell you, when you meet other like-minded people the chemistry is instant and it feels like you’ve known each other for a lifetime!

So how do you get customers for your MLM products from the Cold Market? There’s a ton of ways. Some you’ll love and some you won’t imagine yourself doing. That’s OK. You don’t have to do them all. Pick the one you like, and become a master on it so that you can teach it to others as well.

Also, some of these strategies aren’t very duplicatable. That’s OK too. It depends on what your objective is. If it’s just to boost your personal sales and you feel confident enough to apply something, go for it!

What we wouldn’t recommend is doing the old, random stuff. Spreading around flyers about your products, handing out business cards and pitching every stranger you meet, leaving your catalogues all over the place and so on. Remember, this is the cold market we’re talking about. How many people you think pick up the phone and call some stranger and order products just because they’ve been handed a flyer?

Those that are interested in your products, will most likely go do their research online, as most of us do these days. Chances are that while searching, they’ll find someone that’s great at promoting themselves online and buy from them instead of you. We`re not saying you can’t find some customers using these methods. You surely can, but you’ll have to go through a huge number of people to get results. This is a highly inefficient use of your time and energy.

How To Make Efficient Cold Calls

If you want to go down the cold calling path, be smart! Make sure you’re speaking to the decision maker, not their assistant! Don’t try to sell the product on the first call. And don’t talk too much.

Apologise for the interruption and tell them you’re looking for 30 seconds of their time. Ask them if that’s OK. Tell them you have a product that may benefit their patients/clients and you wanted to see if they’re open to taking a look and that you’d like to send them an email with more information. If they agree, ask politely how soon will they be able to take a look at the information and schedule a time to follow-up with them. Thank them for their time and hang up!

The initial call shouldn’t take you more than 2-3 minutes, making it easy for you to make 20-30 calls per hour as you get more experienced. Expect to get some answering machines, some disconnected numbers and some rejection. Move on! Business is business – it’s not how many times you fall but how many times you get up!

If they’re interested in your products and ask questions, this is the perfect time to introduce your up line to give them more details. They’ll know what to do from that point on.

How To Use Social Media To Get More Customers For Your MLM Products

Everyone and their mother is on social media these days and that makes it a great source of people to talk to about your MLM products. Again, efficiency is all about targeting, and social media platforms offer a great number of filters for you to play with. Using these filters, you can find the people that are ideal customers for your MLM products and pinpoint what groups and pages they’re hanging out on.

There’s an active and a passive side to your social media strategy. Join a few groups and like and follow a few of the pages your prospects hang out on. Engage and interact with people that post and comment, offer advice, help. Don’t pitch! Just talk to people and engage in conversation.

Go to people’s profiles and see if they’re really someone that would make a good customer for you. Like a few of their posts if you really enjoy them. Send them a message just to say hello, they’ll get a notification from the new messenger even if you’re not friends. Don’t send friend requests yet!

Have a conversation and try to find out as much as possible about them so you can identify if there’s a need or want that your MLM product can be the solution to. Tell them that you may be able to help and ask if they’re open to taking a look at something that could help them solve that problem. Then send your information.

Somewhere in the conversation, before the pitch, ask if they mind if you send them a friend request just to keep in touch. This is an important step because even if they don’t buy at first, you may be able to get them interested later with the help of your posts.

That’s the passive part of your social media strategy. Your posts need to raise curiosity. Never post your network marketing products and your company links. You’re giving it all away! People have no reason to talk to you if they can just google the name of your product. And we all know that for every product out there, there’s at least a few haters that have made negative posts. If your prospect reads those first, you’re done. It’s very hard to change a first impression.

Instead, post things like before and after photos, congratulating the person in the photo for their result. Don’t mention the company or the name of the product and people will ask for more details in the comments. Don’t answer them publicly, since others will see your answer and will have no reason to ask for themselves. Send them a private message.

Post things like “I love my green shake that has helped me lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” and a picture of you drinking from it but without showing its name. You’ll get a ton of comments asking about it. This is a great marketing strategy as now you have the persons attention and you are creating a mystery around the product which will make them wonder what it is.

One or two months before Christmas, post a picture of a fit girl in a red dress with a Santa hat on, and say “Looking for 3 ladies who want to get fit for Santa! Who’s gonna join me? :)”. Just an idea but trust me it is very effective.

You’re only limited by your imagination! Be consistent, try to post daily and always be positive!

Getting customers for your MLM products on social media is not that hard. Sadly most network marketers aren’t using it properly. In fact, most of them are making huge mistakes in their posts and profiles that are sabotaging their results and turning away qualified prospects.

Attract MLM Customers By Becoming An Authority In Your Field

One thing’s for sure – influencers make a lot of money, and that’s because people buy what they recommend. A sure way to brand yourself as an authority in your field is to start your own blog. You don’t need to be an expert to do that. If you’ve read two or three books on a subject, you already know more about it than most people. There’s always someone that knows less than you and could learn from you!

There’s something called the “Invest-Learn-Teach” model. What it means is you invest in a book, a video training, a course, you learn certain things from it, then you teach others what you’ve learned.

For example, you’re in a health and wellness company, you can start a wellness blog. You do some research, read some books and magazines, then talk about what you learned. You don’t need to be an expert writer. Just use your own style, let your articles express your personality. Be real! People relate to you more than if you write like a robot.

Post articles about healthy food recipes, top antioxidant fruits, best foods to burn fat, 3 ways to do crunches, and so on. From time to time, post an article where you talk about the importance of supplements in today’s world and end it with a call-to-action that tells people to contact you if they’re curious to find out what products you use yourself.

Having a website of your own is key. As your website grows and the search engines and social media send you more and more visitors, it can become a never-ending source of customers for your MLM products.

Becoming an authority will also help tremendously with your social media prospecting. As you become more and more visible and people start seeing you as an expert in your field, they’ll be more likely to trust you and even reach out to you for recommendations instead of you reaching out to them.

Blogging is a long term game, but it is by far the most lucrative. Your website is an asset that works for you day and night sending you a continuous stream of targeted prospects for your products and your business we can create the website for you to have a mailing list as well which will automatically issue newsletters on a monthly basis with new products or updates regarding products.

The Referral Strategy For Getting More Customers For Your MLM Products

While highly underused (probably because of lack of training), building a referral network is one of the most powerful and efficient strategies for getting more customers. You’re basically turning cold market strangers into warm market customers because their friend recommended you and your products to them.

In order to build a referral network you need to have a referral program. If the company doesn’t have an option then just do the math and create one yourself. Depending on what the referral buys, you can give away discounts, free inexpensive products or a even a free expensive product for a certain number of customers referred. It’s up to you.

You have a lot of opportunities to ask for referrals:

Start by contacting your existing network marketing customers and let them know that if they recommend you to other people that would like your products they’ll get a discount or a product if those people buy something.

While you fill in the order for a person, ask if their partner would also benefit from your program or product. Think about how many more customers you could get if just 30-40% say “yes”.

Incentivise people that already brought you referrals to bring you even more. When their friends buy products, tell them: “You know, you could be a referral partner. You’re sending me all these people anyway and you can get discounts of free products.

Some of these people get into it seriously and become business partners. Others don’t want to do the business but they will send you lots of referrals. And that’s great! Don’t break the relationship by hammering them with your opportunity.

Some people are just not ready for business. They lack the proper mindset, determination or the willingness to change and you’ll sabotage yourself out of referrals by insisting they join. I’ve had people that were sending me referrals each month that ended up doing nothing after they joined because, suddenly, they were the ones that had to make the sale and that concept made them feel uncomfortable.

Bottom line is – always ask for referrals! You’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t.

Customer Retention – The Key To Creating Exponential Growth For Your Business

1. Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? Did you also know that existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 30% more, when compared to new customers? Statistics show us that customer retention is an important factor in building a long term, solid business.

2. Almost 90% of companies consider customer experience a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention, so if you want to build a solid customer base that gets you repeat sales each month, you’d better start providing stellar customer service!

3. Most distributors only follow up with their customers when it’s time to reorder. What that does is two things. One – it keeps them in the dark about their customer’s product experience, and two – it shows people that all they care about is money.

4. You also have to consider that many people tend to buy stuff and then forget about it and not use it. It happens all the time. They buy groceries and they don’t eat them in time and they expire, they buy books that they never read, vitamins they forget to take and so on.

5. You need to make sure your network marketing customers are using the product accordingly in order to get the proper results. Besides, if they’re not using it, they’ll have no reason to reorder since they still have last month’s supply.

How To Gain Customer Loyalty By Providing Amazing Customer Service

The secret to providing great customer service is being there for your customers whenever they need you. In order to do that, you need to follow-up with them as often as you can. That way you’ll make sure they get the proper product experience but most importantly you’ll develop a great relationship because they’ll see that you’re always there to help and that you care.

Here’s an example follow-up schedule for a weight loss program. Of course, you’ll need to adapt it depending on your product.

When they order the product – Let them know you’re gonna check in on the day the product arrives to make sure everything’s in order. Schedule a time so they’ll be expecting your call.

The day of the product delivery – Follow up with your customer to make sure they got the products and they’re clear on how to use them.

Within the 1st week – Follow-up again to make sure they’ve been taking the product on schedule, that everything is going well and see if they have any problems with it at all.

2nd week – Talk to them and see how they feel and if they’ve started seeing results.

3rd week – Check again to see how they feel and check their results.

4th week – By now they’re almost out of product. If they want to continue using it, time your order so that it arrives before they run out of products.

Keep following up weekly until they reach their goal.

By now you’ve build up a relationship and they’ll either send you referrals or they’ll want to promote the products too.

Use a calendar to keep track of all your customer follow-ups. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: you need to be organised to run a business. I can not stress this enough!

Additional Tips For Providing Great Customer Service:

– People feel special when you actually call them. Email and text are impersonal nowadays. Treat your business like a business – get on the phone.

– Always have products on hand just in case, so they don’t slip if they run out and start eating pizza and stuff.

– If you’re selling directly:

⦁ If your company doesn’t provide a personal online store, you can use Paypal to sell the product. Then ship out the product and give them their tracking number.

⦁ Always have products in stock so people can get them instantly, and restock when you need more.

⦁ Create an email template and send that email every time someone buys something. It should contain a “thank you for your order”, a list of the products they bought, the price and an estimated delivery time.

⦁ Send them greeting cards on holidays and special occasions like their birthday.

⦁ Create an email list of all your MLM customers. Use it to let them know about changes that are happening, new product launches, promotions, and so on.

⦁ Build a closed Facebook group for your network marketing customers where they can interact, share results, exchange tips and support each other.



Getting more customers for your MLM products brings a great number of benefits to your team building efforts. We will discuss this in more detail in the next protocol.

Having A Solid Customer Base In MLM Helps You Recruit Easier

It’s easier to get friends and other prospects to join when they see you’re making money. All you have to do is say – “I’m making £2 000 a month with these products, want me to teach you how?

Some will even approach you to join because they want to make money too.

Network Marketing Customers Are A Great Source Of Prospects

Customers are a great source of new business partners for both you and your distributors. Some of them naturally evolve into distributors since they already like the product, know what it can do and they realize that others would like to have it too.

Teaching Your Team To Get More Customers For Their Network Marketing Products Increases Their Confidence In The Business

Let’s be real. The number 1 goal of a new network marketing distributor is to get their investment money back. By teaching your new people how to get customers from the start, you help them get their first paycheck as soon as possible and accomplish that goal. Not only that, it also reassures them they made the right call when joining and that the business really works.

Teach people how to get their products for free and how to make £500 - £1000 per month first. If your people start making money from the beginning, even if it’s a few hundred dollars, they’ll be more inclined to keep going. Why would you stop doing something that makes you money?

Your team will also have an easier time recruiting. If you help them get 5-10 customers for their network marketing products before they try to recruit, they’ll have something to show for.

Teaching Your Team To Get More Customers For Their MLM Products Improves The Stability And Growth Speed Of Your Business

Think about this: what if every member of your team had 5 to 10 loyal customers? Your business would grow much faster if all of your distributors knew how to get a few customers for their network marketing products each month. Do the math. If your distributor signed up with a £500 starter pack, and gets another £500 from customers, it literally doubles your volume.

They’ll also make enough money to get their products for free each month, so your team volume will be more stable as everyone will be using the products.

Think about a minimum number of MLM customers all distributors should strive for each month and make it a goal for your team. If your company doesn’t have an incentive for reaching a certain customer volume, do it yourself. Think of a gift or something you can give your distributors that work the hardest.

You Can’t Make 20k Before You Learn How To Make 1k

A study on the financial crisis revealed that £400 - £500 extra per month would have kept most people from going bankrupt. We sometimes forget that not everyone wants to make millions in this business. Some people are just looking for something extra to be able to afford a vacation each year, buy a better car or maybe just pay their mortgage.

Teaching these people how to get customers for their network marketing products can help accomplish that. Once they do and realize that more is possible, their goals will become bigger too.

One last, important tip – some people take longer. For multiple reasons. Don’t act annoyed or become pushy. You gain nothing that way. Keep in touch and continue building the relationship. They’ll someday want to become your customers, or they’ll someday become your friends. It’s a win-win situation.

Post source - Ernest Kulcsar -

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