Entrepreneurs! You`re making a mistake!

Say whaaaaat...?

So that you can understand where this is coming from I need to take you back in time for a moment....

Lets look back at that ultimately influential moment where you decided that being an entrepreneur was exactly what you wanted to do for the rest of your life...

Visualise that mental image in your head for a moment and try to remember why it was exactly you made that decision.

Have you got it?

GOOD! Now we are getting somewhere...

I apologise in advance for what is about to happen next, fair warning.... some of you may not want to hear what`s next.

Fair warning... this is going to be brutal...

I`m about to breakdown that decision of yours and crumble your reality to it`s very core...

Are you ready ?

Here we go...

What if I told you right now that the decision you made back then was not even your own?

You`re probably asking yourself.....Wtf do you mean, right?

Now you`re probably asking yourself something along the lines of the following question....

If it wasn`t my decision then whos decision was it? (Am I close?)

Let`s start braking this all down for you all so you can understand what it all comes down to.

As an entrepreneurial society we have a tendency to be influenced by a lot of surrounding factors which influence our decision making on a daily basis.

Some of you may have decided to do this during a moment of financial difficulty and you may have seen a video or a post where the premise of vast riches and endless wealth or materialistic possessions became so appealing that it actually seemed doable and a reachable goal.

Others may have decided to do this not to create a vas fortune but to actively delve into something which brought that little bit of extra income to help boost the bank account balance by just enough that it actually legitimised the idea of the potential available out there on the markets.

However..... To those of you that may not fit into either of the two groups I just mentioned.... That`s right... The ones who are stuck in a dead end job, who hate Mondays and dread the thought of going to work on a daily basis.... To those of you who decided that you need a way out... You have also made the same mistake as the people who systematically categorised themselves in the other two groups I mentioned above.

Here`s the reality of the situation....

No matter what group you fall into...

Doesn`t matter if you got sucked into this false idea of enormous wealth because you were down on your luck or not.

You have all shared this one indisputable and pivotal moment at the beginning of your journey where you actually believed that all those vast riches and endless line of customers would come knocking at your door the very same moment you decided to start your journey.

And although some, and when I say some I actually mean a hand full of people across the globe that are skilful enough to create something so original in it`s field that it becomes an instant phenomenon and gets bought out for a gazilllion bucks straight from the get go.... those kind of people are a true rarity.

Every single one of the people who fall into whichever category you choose have been influenced by an outside factor which has somehow made such an impact on their lives that has made them..... scratch that.... I meant to say FORCED them to make that choice.

You might even be one of those people that wanted to prove something to your parents or friends or Joe_blogs47 who made some shitty comment on one of your Facebook posts.

Here`s my question to you though....

Why the F@ck do you give a monkeys uncles backside what anyone else thinks of whatever it is you are posting on here?

Do what you`re doing without the constant @sslicking from others which so many emotionally damaged people on here care for and you will notice a true change in your mindset and way of thinking when it comes to your very own success.

S T O P .... Stop assuming that riches will come knocking at your door if you`re not the type of person that works a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and has a family to take care of when he comes home and still grinds an extra 4 to 5 hours every night to make sure he/she devotes his very last bit of energy on his business to create something different or successful 5 or 6 or 7 years later when it actually starts taking off.

That type of person is the person who doesn`t give a sh!t about what their parents think or their friends or what Fancy_Pants85 has commented out of pure disgruntled disgust on one of their posts because their mommy or daddy didn`t mollycoddle them enough when they were a child and because of which have been brought up to feel like they are some sort of white privileged entitled millennial to which the world revolves around their own self existence and opinion.

The Grind.. that very important part of your day which some choose to avoid so very much by just coming home after a long day at work and cracking a cold beer open and putting your feet up, putting Netflix (or whatever your poison is) on and spending the next 3 hours watching some fake rich person flaunt there pretend fortune on the TV whilst in the back of your mind you know you need to be focusing on your dream...

That Grind you are trying to avoid sooooo very much is exactly that will get you to your goals faster.... Don`t avoid it. Enslave yourself to it and you will see how you will start noticing changes in your routine and actually start seeing significant milestones being achieved in your business.

Not doing something is not going to get something done!!!

Prioritise your sh!t and take action, take control of your life and snap out of this mind numbing cycle you have dropped yourself into and start taking control of what you want to achieve with your life.

Stop making irrelevant excuses about why something can`t be achieved and start focusing on the reasons WHY you should be doing it not WHY you can`t get it done!

Success doesn`t come to those who sleep 8 hours a night and expect to be successful in life.

Ask any successful person out there in the world you want and I absolutely guarantee you that they will tell you something along the lines of.....

" I`m successful because I worked hard to get where I am.... "

Nothing in life comes easy so wake the F@ck up and come to terms with the fact that if you want success to follow you and you want to actually make a difference in this world that you have to work your god damn ass off to get there !!!

Don`t be the guy in the picture on this post.

Stop being lazy and put in the work if you want to see something change in your life.

Strategize, Prioritise and formulate your time to best suit your needs for success. Not anybody else's opinion.

PS: I warned you at the beginning of this post that I`m going to be brutally honest with you...

" Mic Drop"


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