Fashion That Changed the World Paperback

What did Vogue's first cover look like?

When did film stars become part of the fashion industry?

What led to the development of ready-to-wear clothing?

How did the paintings of Mondrian, Dali and Warhol end up on the runway?

These and other questions are answered in this eye-opening look at different aspects of the history of fashion - from Elizabeth I's 'Mask of Youth'; to Lady Gaga's 'meat dress'; Arranged by topic, the lavishly illustrated chapters explore themes such as war and the military; ready-to wear; fashion in film, art, and sports; celebrity; gay and lesbian fashion; globalization and the internet.

Fashion That Changed the World digs into a multitude of social, economic and cultural factors that changed the course of fashion over the last few hundred years. Filled with colourful images - many of them full-page - and extensive essays that are both informative...

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