It`s time for New Beginnings.

We believe it`s time for you to become the master of your own universe! Do you agree?

Whilst the world is currently undergoing an incredible transformation with COVID all around us we thought it would be a grand idea to provide a little bit of value and inspiration to those of you who are starting out in the affiliate marketing sector and hopefully get you on the right path to success.

A lot of people are currently dealing with a very difficult time and are finding it hard to make ends meet. You may be one of those people right now...

Don`t despair. If you are reading this at the moment then you have already taken steps in the right direction to make sure you break out of the cycle of negativity.

Luckily we are here to help you achieve that goal.

As you may have already familiarised yourself with what we do and the type of posts we provide on this web space then you would also know that anyone who visits our site leaves with a certain amount of value which they have received. Either that be via one of our blog posts or other products which we have mentioned.

We are currently living in a day and age where value comes in many shapes and forms. Some people find value via simple product of information/consumption, others however see value in it`s true raw nature.... the possibility of something greater then themselves.

We`d like to take a moment to discuss those people, the second half of that particular group.

If you consider yourself to be the first half, by all means consider reading this post as you may yourself find a certain amount of value in it as well, however if you are the second...

Then we would like to welcome you to the First day of the rest of your life.

Like we often like to say - "Make this Day One not One Day."

The logic behind that saying is that it`s never too late to make or create a new beginning and there is no better time then today, right now, in this very moment in time.

Prepare yourself as life is about to open its doors to its true possibilities and what it offers is something absolutely inconceivable. It`s true glory is mind blowing.

We are currently in the process of joining forces with something which will provide so much value that it is bursting at the seems. lol

On the horizon is one of the most revolutionary programs created to date. It provides not just value to its consumers but also ongoing support which is mostly a miss with a lot of programs nowadays.

Yes sure, some of them have a tonne of value but none of them have the type of chemistry and fundamental practices required to teach you how to be successful in this industry. Did we mention continuous ongoing support?

A bit more about that will come later on in another blog post, but for the moment we would like to introduce you to our amazing Sales Masterclass.

If you have missed any of the info about our masterclass then keep reading as it just gets better and better.

Check out the video below which outlines what you get in the masterclass:


The SALES PROGNOSTICATOR MASTERCLASS is completely different than anything you've gone through online before.

The reason for that is, I've sold millions of dollars of product both off and online and I KNOW what works and what doesn't.

More importantly, I know the tightly-held psychological triggers that will have your audience not only love what you've got, but be throwing themselves at your opportunity.

I do need to warn you though.

This isn't about using some 'hack' or 'trick' to get people to buy.

If what you're promoting is dogshit, leave this page. This isn't for you.

Sales and the diagnostic process in general ISN'T about tricking people.

It's about creating fair exchanges that allow both parties to win.

The great thing about the SPM framework is it's easy to digest, simple to use and more importantly, regardless of where you are in your marketing journey, you will benefit from the dramatic change of beliefs you'll experience from this training.


  • Leverage over 14 years of sales experience: Having sold millions of dollars worth of products and services, I leave nothing out in this.

  • ​Want a stream of inbound leads? These three content hacks will bring you a FLOOD of leads DAILY!

  • ​How to 'Hack' your mind to project sales success

  • ​Have you been stacking your offers wrong? Most entrepreneurs mess this part up. This will show you exactly how to create mouth watering bonuses and offers with ease!

  • ​How To Get People To WANT To Buy, So You Don't Need To SELL Them: This is a powerful technique you can use to frame yourself within the sales process.

  • ​The One Question You MUST Ask That Most Never Do

  • ​How To Transition Seamlessly: These costly mistakes may be leaving money on the table!

  • ​Why You're Probably Missing Out On Easy sales

  • ​How To Instantly Reprograme Your Mindset For Success! There are entire programs dedicated to this cost $5000!

  • Discover How To Change The ENTIRE Framework Of Your Mindset Around Sales & Money: This is probably the most underrated, overlooked and yet most important aspect of the process. If you don't nail this, the rest of these techniques won't help!

  • ​ What The GURU'S Get Wrong In Their Teaching & How To Fix It

  • ​This 'Affinity Hack' allows you to build instant rapport with ANYONE

  • ​Much Much More....

Now you may be thinking to yourselves..

This isn`t something for me or I`m not quite sure about it but lets look at the amount of bonuses SPM provides as well:

The Ultimate 6-Figure Script:
These words in this format have made millions!
​The Presentation Swipe File:
The entire presentation is available for quick referencing and review.
​Tired Of Spending Hours Pouring Over Your Content? Swipe these 3,500 content pieces to use across your social media.
Banking With Bonuses:
Leverage this special training and info pack to accelerate your buyers journey. Turn those cold leads into hungry buyers that are practically BEGGING to pay you!
​'Swipe My Business:
In this 3-part training, I uncover each step of my entire 6-figure business so you can literally swipe what I'm doing and implement it in your business too!
​VALUED AT: $297


Here`s the best part - if you act now you will get all of the above for a whopping - $197 yeah that`s right, $197.

So just a quick recap :

Sales Prognosticator Masterclass This exclusive training is your opportunity to learn the little-known sales secrets the insiders hold that keeps them hitting their sales goals every time! In this masterclass you'll discover:

  • Proven Framework that's sold MILLIONS online and off

  • ​The script I use to close high ticket clients daily

  • ​This 'Affinity Hack' allows you to build instant rapport with ANYONE

  • ​Have you been talking wrong this whole time? Uncover this secret weapon to elicit any emotional state in your prospects

  • ​Without this ONE piece of the puzzle, your prospects will run a mile

  • ​Don't Lose It! Letting your prospect do this is an instant conversion killer

  • ​Two types of 'closes' and how to use them

  • ​How to ensure you are ONLY talking to qualified leads

  • ​Q & A - Ask me anything!

  • ​​Dedicated support community

  • ​Leverage this for life!

  • ​Leverage over a decade of experience and millions sold

All that for as little as $197


It`s a no brainer.

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