What is Affiliate Marketing and How easy is it to make money from it?

So... What actually is affiliate marketing and can it really be something that you can make a sustainable or as everyone likes to call it Passive income from ?

Well first and foremost there are a few things you need to know if you are considering a career in affiliate marketing starting with... drum-roll please....

It`s not something you can make an abundance of money from really quickly. It`s going to take time, the quicker you come to terms with that the quicker you will avoid being let down, unless you have a few thousand in the bank and you are willing to spend it that is.

Just to break it down for you so that you can understand what affiliate marketing actually is and how it works we would need to delve a bit deeper into the actual structure of it all.

Affiliate marketing is based on advertising, it`s quite simply advertising products or services for different companies and receiving a commission from the sales of those products via links, blogs, posts, stories or other forms of information delivery systems that exist today.

Every time a person buys or uses a service which you are promoting and as long as they have used your affiliate link then you get a commission from that purchase. Commissions in general can vary anywhere from 5% to 75% depending on the service or product you are advertising.

There are many services and companies out there an affiliate can promote to potentially earn money from but I think so that you can understand it a little better I need to show you a breakdown of what you actually need to be able to decide on before you continue.

Let`s say for example you are absolutely sold on the idea of making a passive income from affiliate marketing first thing you will need to decide on is what Niche you will be working in.

A niche is a category or interest pool. There are 3 major Niche`s out there and each one has a branch off of them which you can also promote. Money, Wellness and Relationships.

Choosing a Niche shouldn`t be something to be taken lightly, if you want to actually make any money from being affiliate that is. There is a lot of branch-off niches out there so you will need to do a little bit of digging to be able to decide on which one would suit you best, and which one will be most profitable for you of course.

If you decide to go with option 1 - Money I would like to personally suggest possibly looking into marketing based e-learning, mainly because this is a very profitable niche to go into if you can market it right. There are plenty of courses and services out there that you can investigate for yourself and see which one is best suited to your needs. Be careful though, a lot of these are mainly advertised as get rich quick schemes and in reality are created so elaborately that will have your head spinning before you realise it you are buying into a 2 week course on how to be a millionaire in 6 months time.

Always do your background checks and the easiest way to do that is to check what the past students of these courses have benefited from them, if they are actually worth it and if it is truly something which will be personally beneficial to you.

No one wants to be mugged off and taken for a fool so be mindful of scammers and fake gurus or as people like to call it (fluff). Anyone who is flashing cash and taking videos with flashy cars just to show you how quick they have made their fortune and how easy they did it all and how you can be as rich as them and it will only cost you 3999.99, is a fake.

In our experience there is perhaps only 2 to 3 very well educated individuals in this particular niche that know what their talking about and who are offering quality products which actually work.

Don`t get us wrong there are plenty of other money related products out there but this is the main Making Money niche. There is also software and crypto currency and a whole abundance of other services which fall into this category which if you are truly interested you can find on the web.

The takeaway from all this is - Just be careful. Don`t fall into the "Shiny Object Syndrome". You`re not a cat! Be realistic and mindful of what is happening before you hand your wallet over and get yourself in debt because someone told you that these courses although they cost as much as your house will change your life forever.

Next affiliate marketing category is Wellness, oh boy this one is a doozie.

So, if you can imagine all the naturally made products out there whether they be pills or oils of lotions or whatever form or shape they take are all part of the Wellness category. Like the previous category this one also uses affiliate programs to sell their products online and a lot of people fall for it and sign up to their services believing they can cure cancer or diabetes or migraines etc. If you think about it, if you have ever heard anyone working for AVON then they are an affiliate of theirs and because they sell their products they get a commission. Same thing.

We have all seen the adverts online or on the TV that finish as quickly as they start and leave you thinking - OMG I NEED THAT. or OMG YEAH I DO WAKE UP TIRED IN THE MORNING, SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG WITH ME, I NEED THIS PRODUCT TO MAKE ME BETTER. Sound familiar? Yeah that`s the Wellness category working its magic on you.

And the last and our personal favourite category is Relationships. Now please understand, this is a very and we do mean VERY big category with loads of sub categories that relate to Self Help, Marriage, Divorce, Love and other branch offs. Literally anything that has to do with you feeling any sort of anything, they have found a cure for or some sort of way to sell you something to help aid your state of being.

Self help is an extremely illusive one because it plays on peoples emotions and feelings to be able to manipulate your psyche to work in their favour. Mainly because if you have ever read a self help book or watched some guru talk about how you can make your life better and have felt something afterwards like an overwhelming emotion of drive and power, that`s exactly the type of emotion these gurus play on to be able to manipulate you into thinking you need the next product that comes out on the market that you absolutely must have or the universe will explode and your existence will end.

Its very tedious and quite easily hypnotic for people who are actually desperate and looking for answers out on the world wide web and every so often they will fall victim to one of these services or adverts we all see plastered all over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Look we don`t want to sound like we are trying to kill your dreams here but sometimes a bit of harsh reality is what is needed to ascertain a sense of control and understanding on the subject. There is a lot of money to be made from affiliate marketing so keep that in mind.

In reality and to sum it all up if you are a person who likes to manipulate people so you can take advantage of them for their money or someone who is skillful enough and know what you are doing and you have already made a fortune off the back of the hard working man then congrats and we wish you all the best.

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